In order to provide potential clients with effective legal representation, we have compiled checklists for collaborating supporting documents and information required for processing visa petitions. These checklists are available upon request and we encourage all our clients and those seeking immigration related advice to contact us or schedule a consultation with our firm to evaluate their immigration needs.

The following is a list of the checklists that you can obtain upon request via e-mail using our consultation form or by phone at 1-888-380-5106. If you are retaining our services, the checklist as well as relevant application form with additional information will be sent to you to expedite the processing of your petition.


  1. B-1 - Business Visitors
  2. Tourists or Medical Visitors
  3. E-1 - Treaty Traders
  4. E-2 - Treaty Investors
  5. E-3 - "Specialty Workers" from Australia
  6. EB-1 - Priority Workers
  7. EB-2 - Workers with Advanced Degrees
  8. EB-3 - Skilled Workers
  9. EB-4 - Special Immigrants
  10. EB-5 - Immigrant Investors
  11. F - Students in Academic Programs
  12. H-1B - Specialty Workers
  13. H-2A - Temporary workers in agricultural field
  14. H-2B - Temporary workers in non-agricultural fields
  15. J - Exchange Program Participants
  16. K-1 - Fiancé(e) of U.S. Citizen
  17. K-3 - Spouse of U.S. Citizen
  18. L-1 - Intra-Company Transfers
  19. M - Students in Non-Academic Programs
  20. O-1 - Individuals with "Extra-ordinary abilities"
  21. O-2 - Support personnel of O-1 visa holders
  22. P-1 - Internationally recognized Athletes
  23. P-2 - Internationally recognized artists and entertainers in reciprocal exchange programs
  24. P-3 - Internationally recognized artists and entertainers in culturally unique programs
  25. R-1 - Religious workers
  26. TN - Skilled workers (minimum Bachelor's degree) who are citizens of Mexico and Canada
  27. Employment-Based Permanent Residence (Green Card)
  28. Employment-Based Permanent Residence (Green Card) Adjustment of Status
  29. Family-Based Permanent Residence (Green Card)
  30. Family-Based Permanent Residence (Green Card) Adjustment of Status
  31. Citizenship/Naturalization