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O Visas (O-1, O-2)

The O visa is a temporary (nonimmigrant) work visa issued to foreign nationals with “extraordinary abilities” in the field of science, education, business, arts, athletics or the entertainment industry. O visas require sponsorship by a U.S. employer.

  • - This Visa is for foreign nationals with extraordinary abilities (of national/international recognition) in the field of science, arts, education, business, athletics, motion picture or television production.
  • - This Visa is issued for support personnel of the principal O-1 visa holder who is employed in the field of arts, athletics, motion picture and television production. The O-2 visa must be sponsored by the U.S. employer who has filed a petition for the principal O-1 visa holder. O-2 visa applicants are required to have the necessary skills and experience to support the O-1 personnel in his/her field of work and must have an established working relationship with the O-1 visa holder.

O-2 visa applicants may work only for the O-1 visa holder. The petition for O-2 visa applicant may either be filed along with the O-1 visa applicant or after submission of the O-1 petition.

Our firm provides expert and expeditious service to facilitate the process of obtaining the visa.

Spouses and children under age 21 of O visa holders are eligible for O-3 visa but are not allowed to work during their stay in the U.S. O-3 visa holders may attend colleges and school.

General Requirements for the O Visa

  1. The O visa requires sponsorship by a U.S. employer (an organization company or agent).
  2. Applicants must have supporting documents that prove that they are internationally or nationally recognized in their disciplines. Immigration regulations have established very stringent criteria that must be met by supporting documents to prove that the applicant is a person with extraordinary abilities in his/her field of work.
  3. Prior to filing the petition the U.S. employer must obtain a written advisory opinion from a consulting entity (that has expertise in the applicant’s field of work) or appropriate labor organization pertaining to the qualifications and nature of work to be done by the O visa applicant.
  4. The written advisory opinion must be submitted along with the petition for non-immigrant worker to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for processing and approval.
  5. The length of stay in the U.S. is determined by the time required for completing the proposed activity or event in the U.S. The USCIS may grant an initial period of 3 years to O visa holders to complete their activity or work in the U.S. An application for extension of stay may be requested by the U.S sponsor in yearly increments. O visa holders are required to return to their home country upon completion of work but may file for permanent residence status (if eligible) while in the U.S.

Our O Visa Service

  1. Our firm provides expert and expeditious legal service to navigate through the process of obtaining an O-1 visa.
  2. Complex and comprehensive immigration regulations often make it difficult for applicants to compile all necessary and supporting evidence required to qualify as person with extraordinary ability in the field of specialization. Our firm examines and thoroughly evaluates all supporting documents of the applicant to ensure proper filing of petition.
  3. We attain written advisory opinions from appropriate peer groups or labor organizations that are required for the petition.
  4. We periodically follow up with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and keep clients informed at every step in the process.
  5. We provide post approval support to address any questions or concerns related to the visa granted.