Temporary Work Visas FAQs

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FAQs - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on Temporary Work Visas FAQs

For answers to general questions on Temporary work visas (E, H, J, L, O, P, R and TN) and eligibility, benefits, limitations as well as visa application process please refer to the Temporary Work Visas section and related links on our website.

For legal advice and answers specific to your case, please contact us at 855-593-6200 to schedule a personalized consultation with any of our experienced attorneys. We will evaluate your situation and counsel you on the best viable option for your immigration needs.

Disclaimer: Immigration laws and regulations are constantly changing and these FAQs are provided for informational purposes only. They are not to be construed or relied upon as legal advice under any circumstance. Please refer to our legal disclaimer for additional details.

E Visa FAQs

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  1. Which countries have E-1 Treaty Trader Status?
  2. Which countries have E-2 Treaty Investor Status?.....View More

H Visa FAQs

  1. I am on H-1B status; but have just been laid off by my employer. Can I stay in the U.S. and look for another H-1B sponsor, as my visa is still valid and not expired?
  2. I am on H-1B visa. I have applied for and received a H-1B approval with a new company. Can I travel outside the U.S.?.....View More

J Visa FAQs

  1. How can a J-1 nonimmigrant subject to the two (2) year foreign residence requirement change to another nonimmigrant status?
  2. I am on J-1 visa. Can I marry a U.S. citizen and acquire permanent residency?.....View More

L Visa FAQs

  1. I am on a L-1 visa for a company that is a subsidiary of the parent company in the U.S. The company is going out of business does this mean that my L-1 is no longer valid and I have to leave the country?
  2. Is there a limit on the number of L visas issued per year?.....View More

O Visa FAQs

  1. What will happen if my O-1 employment is terminated?
  2. Can an individual in O-1 status change employers?.....View More

P Visa FAQs

  1. What type of individuals are eligible to apply for a P-1 visa?
  2. I am in the United States on a P-3 visa. How long can I remain in the U.S.?.....View More

R Visa FAQs

  1. Why has the USCIS published new rules for the religious worker visa?
  2. How long may a nonimmigrant religious worker work in the U.S.?.....View More

TN Visa FAQs

  1. I am currently in the United States on a TN Visa. Am I eligible to file for a H-1B petition?
  2. Can I apply for green card while I am in TN status?.....View More

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